New book- Studios H- Crowd Funder

I have set up a Crowd Funder to raise money to get more copies of my book- Studios H printed. The Book was created as part of my MA in Photography at Brighton University and features photographs I have taken of the studios of 8 different artists in Hastings including: Maika Crampton, Andrew Scrase, Robert Sample, Melissa White, Leigh Dyer, Roland Jarvis, Peter Quinnell and Charlotte Snook.

Please have a look at the Crowd Funder page for more information and to pledge to receive a copy of the book.  You can see the images included in the book on my artist studios website page and information/images of the book on my bookshop page.

The book is hand bond with exposed stitching by the artist, softbound, and issued in an edition of 100, numbered and signed. Each copy includes 75 colour images, a letter-pressed cover by Andrew Scrase and an essay about the work by Warren Davies. It also features 9 folded in pages as part of the design by Guanodesign.


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