Studios H Book & Exhibition

Its been a very busy few weeks- but I’m please to say I have finished binding the first batch of Studio H books and am showing the books, along with selected images from the series, in Hastings for Coastal Currents Open Studios this weekend!

Rather fittingly I will be in 37 Earl Street, which is the first studio I photographed for the project, with Maika Crampton, Lydia Moon, Alistair Kendry and Michele Doyle. As well as the books and images, I have had some postcards made of the artist floors and will also be selling selected pieces of previous work.




Making these books has been a labor of love and I’m already excited about working on more books in the near future! Having loved bookbinding during my degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, for the last few years I had felt I needed lots of professional bookbinding equipment to get good results. It’s been great to discover there are a wide range of binding styles I can do from home and lots of support to do so! A big thank you to Ruth Bleakley for helping me work out the french/coptic stitch combination I have used for these books and obviously to my family for enduring the mess while our living room turned into a bookbinding studio!

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